Package Google Chrome in SCCM

Even though Google Chrome maybe the simplest straight forward application to install, it’s even more elementary when you create a package in SCCM.

1) First you need download the desired install from the website (

2) Unzip the file and place the GoogleChromeStandaloneEnterprise64.MSI it in your file repository on your SCCM server.For me that would be E:\Applications\Installers.

3) In SCCM, navigate to Sofwatre Library > Application Management > Right click on Applications and select Create Application.

4) Type should be MSI and place the MSI location in the locatation field using an UNC path and click Next.

5) You should receive the confirmation page below and click Next.

6) Fill out the page as desired. The only difference there, I would add /qn at the very end for the install to be totally silent and click Next.

7) Confirm the settings and click Next.

There you have it, the application was set up successfully along with the unique product code for detection method purposes.

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