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WebCacheLocal Database Error

I received a bunch negative performance feedback from a client. Internet browsing was slow, application integration with Office and Adobe Reader were not working, it kept freezing and to add insult to injury, the search function toolbar was not working on 2 windows 10 machines 21H2 machines. Lastly, staff was not able to log into Outlook 365, it kept timing out once they enter their credentials in order to create the Outlook profile.

I was able to reproduce all the above with a brand new local profile. The local admin account worked with no issue. Triggered the indexer rebuild throught the Control Panel and ran the traditional SFC /scannow utility switch to no avail. Additionally, the Group Policy client service was stopped as it’s supposed to be running automatically, I could not manually restarted it, it was grayed out.

I noticed a ton of error messages in the event viewer referencing to the WebCacheLocal.

WebCacheLocal: “Database recovery/restore failed with unexpected error -1907”

After munch investigating all the local profiles on that computers had the same issue where the the %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache folder could not be written to.

After doing some research I deleted the C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache folder.

Once the folder was deleted, I deleted the affected user’s local profile for precautionary measure and log back in. Everything worked, searching functionality returned, was able to log into Outlook 365, Office and PDF integration returned and the Group Policy Client was in a started status.